Today I meet Simon,

Simon talks to himself..
loves boats and big buildings.
He sat next to me on the ferry today.
I was late to work and couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanned the ferry to just go faster..
First I was annoyed having an idiot sitting next to me when I was tired and stressed ...
Simon pointed out all the boats for me even if i didnt cared about him.
And he wanned me to look at them to...he laugh ,pointed at em and then looked at me... I started to look at the boats he pointed at just to shut him up....
We saw:
small fast boats
Big slow boats
we saw shiny boats and an ugly boat...

Simon had a great time on the ferry
he said to me that my hair looked weird and I had to much makeup on..

Thanks simon. I can't remember last time I was so relaxed with a stranger and had so much fun on my way to work,
Simon, u're the the smartest idiot I've meet,
U're smarter then most ppl I know,

Because u don't waist energy thinking about what people think about you,
You make sure that u have fun and can see happiness in a ferry ride.

Does it mean u dumb because u laugh at boats and buildings ?
Or are u dumb focusing on what people think of u and how stressed you are to get to work?

Postat av: mamman

ja, sådant kan göra ens dag ;))

2012-04-12 @ 04:49:23

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