slutet på april!

haft väldigt mycket de senaste sen jag kom hem! var i helgen ute med tjejerna i stan på fashion palette after party
imorn blir det nya tag, efter jobbet blir det ett event för ett svenskt märke här i sydney!
blir mer om det imorn!

scchhhopphing inh Shhina



my favorite place to eat

..Girls going wild in red light district





going to china now!
will do some more updating when I get there!


ganska trött idag...
vad kan inte liva upp en dag bättre än röd eyeliner & svarta läppar ?
Peace out!

lets do it.

Where life is good.

im here now.
staying here for now.
working in my own kaos fabric..

Iam staying here until I find where daimonds get made.

out of nothing

Real cheats and fake storys
fake love for an hour or so.
Give what you take
take what you give.


one of those days.

i couldnt forget you, without hating you.
i couldnt find myself, without leaving you

"you are like the white horse Gandalf rides down the hill to defeat the enemies,
and your power comes from your natural God given talent which will always carry you,
Trust in this and you will soar on wings of eagles"

Today I meet Simon,

Simon talks to himself..
loves boats and big buildings.
He sat next to me on the ferry today.
I was late to work and couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanned the ferry to just go faster..
First I was annoyed having an idiot sitting next to me when I was tired and stressed ...
Simon pointed out all the boats for me even if i didnt cared about him.
And he wanned me to look at them to...he laugh ,pointed at em and then looked at me... I started to look at the boats he pointed at just to shut him up....
We saw:
small fast boats
Big slow boats
we saw shiny boats and an ugly boat...

Simon had a great time on the ferry
he said to me that my hair looked weird and I had to much makeup on..

Thanks simon. I can't remember last time I was so relaxed with a stranger and had so much fun on my way to work,
Simon, u're the the smartest idiot I've meet,
U're smarter then most ppl I know,

Because u don't waist energy thinking about what people think about you,
You make sure that u have fun and can see happiness in a ferry ride.

Does it mean u dumb because u laugh at boats and buildings ?
Or are u dumb focusing on what people think of u and how stressed you are to get to work?

My week..

A normal day at annas place, lets do Breakdance

my most loyal costumer @work a sunny Sunday
fick med mig en tjusig hatt påvägen hem en sen fredags kväll
slagits med kineser och pappersarbeten för att få mitt visum
lyckats få gratis kaffe och kakor utav sydneys sötaste barista hela veckan.

who ever you are, I wanna know u...

titta vad jag gick förbi häromdagen på väg hem....

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