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Caos of everyday.

Every second that has expired.
the days of secureness.
Awearness of the next day storys.
the nothing that will never be recreated.

nothing will never be the same
                                                                 beacuse it never has been

the fear of Failure is the downfall of our success.

mind strenght to belivie in the ability to create what is Right

humans should be more like paint and see life more as a canvas

the creation of colors who binds together into art,
or art who combines into colour.
how liquid colours can come together as a painting, how Acrylics is creating my creatures .
What ever it is.Thanks



nu e jag i sverige! YEY!

är bättre på uppdatering på instagram nu för tiden!

pernillackerfors är jag där! <3 xoxo

a dozen.

to much many more of everything

de e mycket nu

varit lite stressigt de senaste

next time

Ill move to newYork


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Jag hatar regn!

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Mermaid versace

Me n versace are usually opposites!
but I cant stop wanna to be a mermaid when i see this!


ajm wurking in tha stoore towdaiii

forgot how ugly u were.